- Xin (Kevin) Wang

Xin (Kevin) Wang entered the MD/PhD program in 2010 after completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree at McMaster University. Currently in his 3rd year of the PhD, Kevin is pursuing a functional genomics project under the supervision of Dr. Michael Taylor at the Hospital for Sick Children. Kevin’s work aims to apply novel genetic animal models to explore the mechanisms of tumor initiation and maintenance. Having access to the largest pediatric medulloblastoma database in the world, Kevin is able to take a cross-species genetics approach to identify true drivers of cancer combining data from human, mouse, and zebrafish. To date, Kevin’s work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Nature, Oncogene, and Neurosurgery. He is also the author of several book chapters and most recently was featured in AANS Neurosurgeon discussing how the molecular era of medicine will transform pediatric oncology. Kevin is the recipient of several awards for his research including the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship and Ruggles MD/PhD Innovation Award, and has been invited to speak at both national and international meetings. Outside of the lab, Kevin is the president-elect of the Clinician Investigator Trainee Association of Canada, working towards improving clinician scientist training. Kevin is also a member of the varsity fencing team and enjoys running, traveling and long walks on the beach.